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Nancy Gemaehlich:
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Bio: Nancy Gemaehlich

Bible study author, writer, and blogger, Nancy Gemaehlich encourages and teaches women how to connect Scripture to life.

Nancy works alongside of her husband, Bill, who pastors Calvary Chapel Honey Creek in Weston, Texas. She is the Director of Women's Ministry at her church. Nancy earned a Master of Arts in Christian Education with an emphasis on Ministry with Women in 2019 from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas.

Her recently released women's Bible study, Come Lord Jesus: A Woman's Walk—Spirit, Body & Soul—Through the Book of Revelation, is Nancy's third study guide. 

Nancy's blog, "Lighting Our Path," engages women in making the connections between God's truth and how they live for him.

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As featured on the KCBI Honest Conversations podcast


Review Excerpts for Come Lord Jesus: A Woman's Walk—Spirit, Body & Soul—Through the Book of Revelation

"Nancy's "Come Lord Jesus" study helps women sharpen their spiritual lens for what lies ahead ...and readies them for refocused, real-life impact TODAY!" Jill

"I like how it engages me to think and also use my creativity to help it come alive. Highly recommend!!!" Anna

"Nancy Gemaehlich bring[s] this often confusing and mysterious book alive...." Joye

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Current Guest Speaking Topics


Revelation as a Message of Hope and Exhortation

Many Christian shy away from studying the book of Revelation. Yet, 2 Timothy 3:16-17 tells us that all Scripture is... useful for training in righteousness—equipping believers for every good work. When we understand that Revelation was given to the the church for our hope and exhortation, we can approach its message with confidence!

Studying Revelation Shapes Our Walk with God

The book of Revelation opens and closes with a promise that those who read and heed its words will be blessed. In studying Revelation, we learn what these promises are and what the Lord has called us to heed. There is much to live out and apply to our lives in the book of Revelation!


Revelation Relates to Our Current Times

With all of the recent upheaval in the USA and the international pandemic, people are asking if the Bible teaches that we are in the end times. Technically, we are in the end times, but "no," we are not in the Tribulation period of the end times. However, the more pressing question is Are we ready for Christ's return? Studying Revelation focuses our attention on the importance of being ready for the Lord's Second Coming.

Revelation as the Consumation of God's Story

Revelation is sometimes treated like that relative that we try to avoid at holiday gatherings. In reality, the message of Revelation is more like the grand finale at a fireworks show. It displays what we are longing to see—God's final act of redeeming his creation.

Additional Topics:

  • When the Waves Rage: Growing in Spiritual Maturity with James

  • Leading Your Women's Study Through a Book of the Bible

  • Becoming a 2 Timothy 2:15 Kind of Girl (Bible Study Methods)

  • Loving and Living the Small Church Life!

Sample Interview Questions
  1. Tell us a little about yourself and the journey that led you to write Come Lord Jesus.

  2. Why is it important that we study the Book of Revelation?

  3. Why did you choose the footprints in the sand imagery for your book?

  4. The study is quite applicational in nature, what was the purpose behind this?

  5. You bring up the idea of engaging the “spirit, body, and soul” in this study.  Tell me more about that idea and how it is developed practically throughout the study?

  6. We have seen an uptick in sales of materials relating to the book of Revelation, people are very interested in figuring out if there is any relation to the End Times and what we are experiencing today.  What does the book of Revelation have to say, if anything, about the uncertain times that we face currently?

  7. While there is much fascination with Revelation, often people can feel intimated to read and study this Book of the Bible.  Is this something you have seen?  If so, how did that factor in your approach to this resource?

  8. We must bring up the “elephant in the room,” which is the topic of Christ’s return and His judgment of the world, tell us more about that.

  9. How can women get the most out of your study?

  10. Were there any passages that you found challenging in either your preparation or writing of the workbook?

  11. Were there any surprises that came along through the process of writing this resource?

  12. What was the spiritual impact you have seen in in your own life, both in working through Revelation and in writing this book?

  13. What is one thing that you would most like us to know about your book?

  14. Would you take a few moments to tell us about the other studies have you written?

  15. Do you have any plans to write any other Bible studies, or any other types of resources?

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