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What author Nancy Gemaehlich is currently reading

Revelation Commentaries

Swindoll's Living Insights Revelation, Charles Swindoll

As with all of Chuck Swindoll's books, this commentary is engaging applicable, and theologically strong! This commentary makes a good leader resource for the Come Lord Jesus: A Woman's Walk—Spirit, Body & Soul—Through the Book of Revelation study.

Swindoll's Revelation.jpg

Revelation Commentaries

Revelation, John Walvoord

A very through yet accessible commentary going line-by-line through the book of Revelation from a futurist view.

Revelation Walvoord.jpg

My Current Devotional

Lost in Prayer: Communing with God by Contemplating His Word, D. R. Ferguson

This book is a combination of a devotional and a prayer journal. It helps bring Scripture into our prayer time in a thoughtful way!

Lost in Prayer.jpg

Current Non-fiction

Satisfied: A 90-Day Spiritual Journey Toward Food Freedom, Dr. Rhona Epstein

Scripturally-based guide to having a healthier attitude toward food. Comfort eating, especially during COVID, can become a habit not worth having:)


Current Nonfiction

Need a new writing book to keep developing your craft? I'm enjoying this one by Andrew Le Peau who offers practical and sometimes humorous advice for improving our writing.

Write Better.jpg

Recent Nonfiction

Bonhoeffer, Eric Metaxas

The author of this excellent biography takes us on Bonhoeffer's journey as a Christian in Germany before and during Hitler's rise to power. 


Current Fiction

People of the Book, Geraldine Brooks

An intensely interesting journey following the history of a rare Jewish prayer book and the modern day preservationist, Hannah, whose passion it is to save it.

People of the Book.jpg

Recent Fiction

A wonderful semi-autobiographical tale of growing up an immigrant in Brooklyn during the 1920-1930's.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.jpg
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