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Come Lord Jesus: A Woman's Walk—Spirit, Body & Soul—Through the Book of Revelation
by women's Bible study author Nancy Gemaehlich
Come Lord Jesus: A Woman's Walk—Spirit, Body & Soul—Through the Book of Revelation
"Why did God give us the book of Revelation? What's more, why did He promise a blessing to those who read and heed its words?"​​

The book of Revelation is the consummation of God’s grand story of creation that He has given us as an anchor and a hope for our lives. Come Lord Jesus: A Woman’s Walk Spirit, Body & Soul Through the Book of Revelation will guide you on a journey through this unique book of the Bible. 

You will have the opportunity to live out, spirit, body, and soul this message from the Lord to His church. In this Bible study, you will engage in worship, prayer, witness, creativity, and connection with God and others. It is written in two parts; each part is eight weeks in length. It is suitable for groups and individuals. Studying the book of Revelation is truly a blessing that the Lord has given us for our lives.


Let’s dive in together to know Him more!

Product Details:

                                                                       Paperback: 190 pages                                                                                                

 Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing
                                                                       Platform (February 2020)
                                                                       Language: English
                                                                        ISBN-10: 1081344253
                                                                        ISBN-13: 9781081344
                                                                        Product Dim: 8.5 x 11 x .4 in.

                                                                        Product Weight: 1.3 lbs.

                                                                        Price: $15.00 (Group discount  available)




for the Come Lord Jesus study guide

These videos are offered free of charge for those using the Come Lord Jesus: A Woman’s Walk—Spirit, Body and Soul—Through the Book of Revelation study guide! The videos were developed to be watched after the participants have finished each of their lessons. They contain highlights and additional information about the lesson.

Downloadable Bible Study Leader Notes

As featured on the KCBI Honest Conversations podcast



Nancy's "Come Lord Jesus" study helps women sharpen their spiritual lens for what lies ahead ...and readies them for refocused, real-life impact TODAY! Jesus said, " ...Blessed is the one who stays awake...", who eagerly looks for His return, there is no doubt Jesus is using Nancy to turn the gaze of godly women upward!

Jill Prohaska

MACE/Dallas Theological Seminary

BA Journalism and Political Science/Baylor University

Revelation through a woman's eyes! This is a very thorough and insightful study through Revelation. I have done others and this by far has been the best one. I like how it engages me to think and also use my creativity to help it come alive. Highly recommend!!!

Anna R.

Come Lord Jesus is a comprehensive, practical study of the book of Revelation. Nancy Gemaehlich has combined just enough commentary with thought-provoking questions, relevant quotes, helpful graphics, and personal insights, to bring this often confusing and mysterious book alive... I highly recommend this excellent study!

Dr. Joye Baker

Adjunct Professor of Education Ministries and leadership

Dallas Theological Seminary

Great teaching on the Book of Revelations. It puts your heart at rest learning the Book Revelations. It teaches you what will come but also where you will be during this time. All I can say is Come Lord Jesus. we are waiting Your return with joy in our hearts.


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