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Who Will Rule the World?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The Gospel of Matthew is the story of a King. In today’s vernacular, it’s the story of a world leader—the world leader, Jesus Christ. Even some Christians fidget at the idea of Jesus as a world leader—but He absolutely will be. Let’s back up a bit. In the Old Testament portion of the Bible, God spoke through His prophets about a future day of restoration when the nation of Israel, as well as all nations, would be ruled by a Savior, a Messiah, a King who would establish His kingdom, even unto eternity.

But in the first century when this Ruler showed up on the scene to the nation of Israel, their hearts were too hard and their eyes too blind to recognize Him. They rejected this King’s authority and the kingdom that He offered. So, the invitation to come into the kingdom of this righteous leader was given to others. The call to acknowledge and follow this King went out to the Gentiles—every tribe, every tongue, every nation. This is the story of Matthew’s Gospel.

Matthew’s message calls us to respond to the King by entering His kingdom and following His gracious, righteous rule. But you might ask Where is the kingdom? I don’t see it! Jesus explains that currently, His kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36). In response to His disciple’s question about His earthly reign, What will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age? Jesus spoke of a future time when He will return to earth again to establish a literal, physical kingdom ruling from Jerusalem (Matthew 24-25).

Understanding and responding to these truths is why studying our Bibles matters. We need to understand these truths and live accordingly. What does it look like to be a follower of the King in this era? How does a kingdom person serve and honor their King? How do Christians prepare for His coming kingdom on earth? The Gospel of Matthew answers these questions for those that study God’s words contained on its pages. Make time now to learn more about following your King in His kingdom.

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