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What Do We Heed from Revelation?

Continuing from my previous post, we're looking at answering the question What does the book of Revelation call us to "heed?" Let's begin in John's introduction (Rev. 1:1-8). It's stressed twice in eight verses that the Lord's return is "soon to take place." This demands a response from us to believe or ignore His words. Belief in His soon return is something to be heeded in Revelation. As Christians, responding in belief, we are attuned to our responsibility to then "read and heed" what He has revealed through the apostle John in this unique word.

As another example of something we can heed—in chapter 1 John is called to be a faithful witness of what the Lord has shown Him (v. 2). Jesus, Himself, is titled "the faithful witness" (v. 5). In chapters 2-3 the churches will be urged to keep or renew their faithful testimony. By extension, we, as Christ's stewards, are also called to be faithful witnesses—to proclaim to the world the gospel and the Lord's soon return. This is something that we hear and heed from the message of Revelation.

What would this look like in your life? There are many ways to proclaim the Lord until His return: proclaiming His truth through music and art, praying for ears and eyes to be opened to the gospel, supporting missionaries who take the gospel to remote places, and sharing the good news with your neighbor, as examples. Grow and be encouraged through hearing and heeding Revelation's message!  Study with me: https://www.comelordjesus-study.com/

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