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Get Your Sandals Dusty as You Follow the King!

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I’m continually amazed by the fulfillment of Old Testament Scriptures regarding our Savior and King. They never fail to take my breath away! The disciple Matthew learned from his Master how to bring “out of his treasure things new and old” (Matthew 13:52). In other words, more than any other gospel writer, Matthew ties Old Testament Scriptures to the realities of our New Testament messianic King.

Mathew gained this wisdom by being covered in his Rabbi’s dust. This expression relates to this former tax collector’s willingness to leave all and follow Jesus. Christ and his disciples walked, ate, ministered, rested, and celebrated together. Jesus imparted His wisdom to these committed followers.

Mathew gained this wisdom by being covered in his Rabbi’s dust.

We, too, want to be willing followers of Christ, listening to His words day by day, gaining wisdom for living in His kingdom. Join me on the journey through the Gospel of Matthew using the Dusty Sandals: A Woman’s Walk Through the Prophecies and Promises of Matthew study guide. This study is in three volumes that cover the complete Gospel of Matthew. Volume One covers Matthew chapters 1-10 in a ten-week study.

Now is a great time to travel the roads of Israel with your messianic King! Let your sandals get dusty as you walk with Him, hanging on His every word. In this way, you will become a committed disciple of Christ.

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